Trump THREATENS Biden Over 25th Amendment

Trump THREATENS Biden Over 25th Amendment

Trump THREATENS Biden Over 25th Amendment!

We don’t understand how Republicans can not see that Trump has made a threat that is equal to terrorism, especially after the Capitol riot.

Our President has been nothing but a tyrant this whole time. Let’s not forget his favorite people while in government have been The North Korean and Russian rulers. Yes, rulers, NOT presidents. Read on as Trump THREATENS Biden about the 25th Amendment. Then he addressed his involvement in the Capitol riots after he got his followers to attack the government… reports that Trump gloats over his 450-mile border wall and then threatens Joe Biden about the 25th Amendment.

Trump has been trying to change our country this whole time so he could RULE the American people. And the sad part is each year he has gotten worse, and his hunger for power and greed has been extreme, but the Republican party has turned a blind eye until last week.

Could you imagine how bad this country would have become and the oppression he would have continued to invoke on the American people?

Thank God that Biden won! Seriously.

It’s bad enough that Trump said to Biden “Be careful what you wish for.”

That is a straight out Terrorist Threat.

Trump has tried to double talk his way out of last week’s attack on the Capitol.

Before he was done at his Alamo Texas speech, President Trump warned against impeachment and the use of the 25th Amendment as the House pushes for his removal after the deadly riot at the US Capitol.