2nd Woman Testifies Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

2nd Woman Testifies Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

2nd Woman Testifies Trump Sexually Assaulted Her?

When it comes to male shovenistic men, Donald Trump is first in line these days, or shall we say all his dirt is coming to the surface. You can only sweep it under the carpet for so long…

CelebnPolitics247.com is NO FAN of Donald Trump and we hope that everything that is coming to light will finally lock this man up like they did R. Kelly. If Trump was black he would already be behind bars without question.

CelebnPolitics247.com has learned that a second woman took the witness stand Tuesday in the civil battery and defamation trial of former President Donald Trump and testified that he sexually assaulted her on a flight in 1979.

Yes, it was 44 years ago, but this man has been lying his whole life.

Here is what is being reported by Yahoo News:

Lawyers for author E. Jean Carroll, who is suing Trump over claims that he raped her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s and then lied about it, called Jessica Leeds to testify about her encounter with Trump.

Leeds, 81, told the jury in the civil trial, being held at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse in lower Manhattan, that she was 37 years old when Trump assaulted her. She recounted boarding the plane and taking her seat at the back of the coach when a flight attendant approached her and asked if she wanted to move up to first class.

“Yes, of course,” she recalled saying, eliciting some laughter from the courtroom.

In response to questions from plaintiff’s attorney Michael Ferrara, Leeds described the layout of the first-class cabin, where she said there were two rows of seats, with two seats each on either side of the aisle. She said she was brought to an aisle seat in the first row. When she sat down, the man seated in the window seat introduced himself as Donald Trump.

Note, she was the only woman in first class. At the time, she was living and working in Connecticut and was not aware of the social or real estate scene in New York.

Here is what happened according to Leeds:

She said she and Trump made light conversation, and that after a meal had been served and cleared away, their encounter took an unwelcome turn.
“All of a sudden, Trump decided to kiss me and grope me,” Leeds testified, adding, “It was out of the blue.”

She described Trump kissing her and grabbing her breasts, “like he had 40 zillion hands,” during what she described as “a tussle between the two of us.”
Leeds said she remembered thinking, “Where is the stewardess?” before realizing, “No one is going to help me.”

Trump continued his assault, Leeds testified, putting his hand up her skirt before she managed to wrestle free and walk back to her original seat in coach.

This is the problem with millionaires, they think everyone wants to F them because they have money and they believe they have power. The one thing millionaires forget is that they are ugly on the inside and out, and most people want nothing to do with them. Trump is one of those men.