Pence Lost His BALLS Over 25th Amendment

Pence Lost His BALLS Over 25th Amendment

Pence Lost His BALLS Over 25th Amendment!

At this point, we all know that VP Mike Pence is attached to Trump’s left nut since Pence has no balls when it comes to removing the “problem” [Trump] from his seat in the White House using the 25th Amendment knows that Trump has Pence wrapped around his finger, but doesn’t Pence understand it’s time to take a stand to the “problem” that has plagued the White House?

For four years this country has been forced to deal with bigotry, racism, Prejudice, police brutality, oppression, and constant lies from the President of the United stated!

It’s time for change – – Our country NEEDS it ASAP!

But Vice President Mike Pence has cold feet after speaking with Trump. It sounds like Trump used some scare tactics to keep Vice President Mike Pence in his lane. Now, he is refusing to impeach Trump

Why Vice President Mike Pence Refuses to Invoke the 25th Amendment:

Here is what is being reported by CNN:

Pence’s team that there are risks to invoking the 25th Amendment or even to an impeachment process, as Trump could take some sort of rash action putting the nation at risk.

The President has also not made any public comments denouncing death threats that have been posted on social media targeting Pence.

Mike Pence has finally “gotten a glimpse of POTUS’s vindictiveness,” one source said, using the acronym for President of the United States.

Two sources familiar with the matter say Trump is angry at Pence and Pence is disappointed and saddened by Trump.

Trump put Pence in an impossible position, asking him to overturn the election results during Wednesday’s joint session of Congress. When Pence explained that he could not do that and sent a letter to members of Congress that he would follow the Constitution, Trump used his Wednesday rally to egg on the crowd, telling them to march on Capitol Hill, and said of his vice president.

Trump said:

Mike Pence, I hope you’re gonna stand up for the good of our Constitution and for the good of our country, and if you’re not, I’m going to be very disappointed in you, I will tell you right now. I’m not hearing good stories.

Mike Pence is showing us all he is weak when it comes to Trump.