Kanye or Biden: Who Is The Right Choice For President

Is Kanye West The Right Choice For President

Kanye or Biden: Who Is The Right Choice For President ?

To be honest Kanye West would just be another Trump in office only thinking of himself. But here’s the deal, with the climate of police brutality against the black community and the fact that oppression on Blacks in America has NEVER changed.

Kanye West seems like the right choice for the black community. We understand since Trump has proved to be a racist bigot discriminating against the Latino community, the black community and the LGBTQ community. Read on and make the right choice for President, Kanye or Joe Biden…

Is Kanye West The Right Choice For President


CelebnPolitics247.com reports that all Trump has done is create a divide in America, so how is that “Make America Great Again?” It’s NOT we NEED Joe Biden, but Kanye is trying to prove he’s the right choice.

Trump’s MAGA is a bunch of BS if you really look at it. All it proves is white supremacist are afraid of change, afraid of being the minority.

White people for years have done nothing but keep the black community down, and if you’ve been paying attention racism is at an all time high.

If you’ve watched Antebellum it is a perfect example of racist white supremacist that still believe in the confederacy.

But we ask you, is Kanye West the right choice?

When voting, this year is necessary. We need Trump out of office, but we don’t need another person like Trump in office.

That is what Kanye West is and would be like. He is surely doing everything he can to make you think he is leading in the polls.

Why Biden/Harris is a smart choice.

Biden has 8 years of working in the White House. He knows how to deal with foreign affairs. Biden has been there for the people NOT himself. And with Harris the two can get America back on track, fight for the people, save medicare, help stop global warning and get the HOPE back that the United States lost once Trump was elected.

Kanye will NOT be able to get anything passed in congress. And he will become a puppet for the people behind the scenes in the White House.

Biden has already been there and knows how to deal in a political world. We don’t need another President going on Twitter RANTS, throwing tantrums and lying to the people for self gain. We have a president like that already.

If you ask us, Biden/Harris is the answer, because at the end of the day, Kanye is a Republican only trying to pull votes from Biden and Trump.

He is NOT in all states, so even if you write his name in other, it won’t count.

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