CNN Sued By Kanye’s Mark Jacoby For Defamation Story

CNN Sued For Discrediting Kanye West Running For President

CNN Sued By Kanye’s Mark Jacoby For Defamation Story.

According to reports, a Republican political operative who has reportedly been working with Kanye West is suing CNN. Read on to see why Mark Jacoby just sued CNN has learned via AllHipHop that Mark Jacoby just filed a lawsuit against CNN.

Jacoby did not take kindly to a pair of articles they published about Kanye West’s run for President in September of 2020.

Mark Jacoby Sued CNN.

AllHipHop reports:

CNN correspondent Sara Murray published two stories about the rap star’s “secret political operation.”

An article on September 4th revealed that Kanye hired Mark Jacoby’s company Let The Voters Decide, which has been behind the rap star’s drive to collect campaign signatures in multiple states.

Mark Jacoby claims CNN pulled a hit job on him by publishing defamatory statements regarding his past that were false.

Jacoby is suing Murray and CNN for reporting that he had “previously pleaded guilty to voter registration fraud related to his work for the California Republican Party.”

Mark was arrested in 2008, on suspicion of voter registration fraud. But he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor related to the location listed on his voter registration, which was in no way connected to any voter registration or petition gathering campaign.

He insists he did nothing wrong during his time working for the California Republican Party.

Mark Jacoby’s lawsuit against CNN claims the author framed her story to trick readers into believing that he had “not only previously engaged in fraud in the petition business, but was likely doing the same thing again for the presidential campaign of Kanye West.”

Jacoby says CNN published the defamatory story even though he warned Murray that her focus on his misdemeanor was “misplaced and irresponsible” before the article went live on the website.

This lawsuit isn’t about Kanye, its about CNN’s story on Mark Jacoby. He is claiming the story is defamation.

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