Kanye West Posts Misleading Polls From NC

Kanye West Posts Misleading Polls From NC

Kanye West Posts Misleading Polls From NC!

In the video you can her Kanye West say, “Get The West Wing Ready”!

According to Kanye West’s social media he believes he will beat Trump and Biden in the 2020 election. Read on for more on Kanye West Misleading Poll Results…

CelebnPolitics247.com reports that Kanye West took to social media gloating about his poll results.

Ye is claiming he has more than Biden and Trump in North Carolina.

In a series of tweets Kanye West shows voters how to go against the grain an elect him as President.

West is encouraging millennials to vote for him and this is why the measure to allow 17 year olds to vote is a bad idea.

They are easily influence by social media and idiots.

Take a look at what Ye just posted tonight trying to convince people that he is leading in the polls.

Take a look how he shows his fanbase to vote for him. If you ask one of them we bet they have no clue for what Ye stands for.

What they can tell you is they love his music.

One voter has already done a mock of Kanye and Kim in the oval office:

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