Second Stimulus Check Moves Another Step Closer

Second Stimulus Check Moves Another Step Closer

Second Stimulus Check Moves Another Step Closer!

The second stimulus check is such a cluster f–k, it is disgusting. Remember back in July when Trump said the next check would be bigger and better?

Well, it seems that once again our President has lied to us all about making sure the next stimulus check would be way more. Instead, if and when Americans get another check, it will be $1200. again. Read on for more details… reports that it’s been over six months since President Donald Trump signed the law that provided most Americans with a $1,200 payout to relieve financial pain from the coronavirus and stimulate the sinking U.S. economy.

We all thought that this was going to happen sooner or somewhere around Labor Day. But is appears that Republicans are making sure to line everyone’s pockets with a second stimulus check right before its time to vote.

It’s almost like bribing Americans to vote for Trump if you think about it?

According to reports, it’s been a long battle for another round of the “so-called” stimulus checks that the IRS will make everyone pay for next year during tax season. Oh yes, the IRS wants the money back, that is the one thing they are NOT telling Americans about the stimulus checks.

However, the U.S. House — led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi — has passed a new $2.2 trillion aid package that includes not only more direct payments but also a revival of the beefed-up unemployment benefits that expired in July.

Though, the White House has offered a counterproposal.

Trump tweeted from the hospital where he was being treated for COVID-19.

The president tweeted to the negotiators on Saturday:

What the Second Stimulus Check is offering:

The new House bill — which passed Thursday night with no Republican support — offers $1,200 for most taxpayers plus $500 per dependent. It also would bring back the extra $600 a week in federal unemployment benefits that have long expired.

Here is where the second stimulus checks stand:

  • Mnuchin and Speaker Pelosi talked throughout last week, with the goal toward getting an agreement ahead of the Nov. 3 election. But so far, there’s no deal.
  • No one gets another stimulus check until the two sides can compromise on a bill that would pass both houses of Congress, then be signed by the president.
  • Once there’s a deal, the money could start moving out quickly — maybe by November, according to Yahoo.

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