Melania Trump Refused To Leave COVID-19 Isolation

Melania Trump Refused To Leave COVID-19 Isolation

Melania Trump Refused To Leave COVID-19 Isolation!

Unlike President Donald Trump, the First Lady did something selfless and responsible. Melania Trump reportedly refused to leave Covid-19 isolation in order to keep from infecting Secret Service agents. Read on… may not agree with the majority of the things the Trump administration has done or doing, but we respect the fact that Melania Trump reportedly refused to leave Covid-19 isolation.

According to reports, Melania Trump did not visit the president in the hospital because she didn’t want to expose Secret Service agents to the risk of coronavirus, according to reports.

She has released a series of Tweets that read:

Too bad her husband didn’t have compassion for others like Melania. No, instead, he’s back at work risking everyone’s health because he’s a “leader.” what kind of BS is that? Even his son, Donald Trump Jr. thinks he is “acting crazy” and is freaking out.

A White House official released a quote to NBC News, that revealed the first lady remained in isolation on the weekend over concerns of spreading the Covid-19 infection.

The official told NBC News on Saturday:

[Melania] has COVID…That would expose the agents who would drive her there and the medical staff who would walk her up to him.

Ms. Trump tweeted her support for medical staff and caretakers on Monday morning.

She gave an update on her condition, saying she will continue to rest at home.

Dr. James Phillips, who is also a CNN contributor, said:

They might get sick. They may die. For political theatre. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theatre.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said on Fox & Friends that the agents were wearing more personal protective equipment that usual and people were just trying to make a “bid deal” out of it.

Mr. Meadows said:

Well, the Secret Service agent, how do we think that he got here? I mean, we came here in Marine 1, the Secret Service agent is with him, has been with him, he’s been with him in cars, and yet we took additional precautions with PPE and others, to make sure that they were protected.

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