Gavin Newsom Has Strong Support; Recall Wasteful

Gavin Newsom Has Strong Support; Recall Wasteful

Gavin Newsom Has Strong Support; Recall Wasteful!

The Republican recall of Gavin Newsom is a waste of taxpayer money and an illegal recall vote which is why voting NO is the smartest choice. reports that Trumpers are still bitter that their leader failed to win a second time in the White House, but it had a lot to do with his lying ways. And the attack on congress didn’t help.

Fast forward to now after months of Trumpers aka Republicans still blinded by their false leader have been doing the most to get Republicans in office to help Trump get back in office in 4 years is flatlining.

Do they think Democrats are that stupid not to see the big picture?

As it stands with mail-in votes, Gavin Newsom is leading in the polls at 52% of the votes. Republicans voting to replace Newsom are at 44% which shows California residents want Newsom in office. He has been great for California.

With a strong majority of residents backing his handling of Covid-19 amid the Delta variant spread, California Gov. Gavin Newsom enjoys support from a strong majority of likely voters who say they’re voting against his recall, according to a new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California.

The survey released Wednesday night showed that 58 percent of likely voters say they’ll reject the recall, with just 39 percent voting yes. The margin is slightly larger than in two previous PPIC polls this year with less than two weeks left until the Sept. 14 election, the latest evidence that the Democratic governor has gained breathing room in recent polls, according to a consolidated average by FiveThirtyEight.

A key factor in Newsom’s strength appears to be the overwhelming concerns about Covid-19 as the Delta variant drives increasing infection rates and hospitalizations.

If you haven’t voted yet make sure to VOTE NO on the recall.

We don’t need California to end up like Florida where COVID is running rapid.