California Stimulus Checks Start in September

California Stimulus Checks Start in September

California Stimulus Checks Start in September!

A ton of Californians have dealt with the extreme increase in food and gas over the past 6 months has been ridiculous.

Grocery stores have increased items from 50 cents to 2 dollars on most items for no reason. And gas in Cali is the highest in the county for no reason, the cheapest price is somewhere between $4.49 to $4.99 which makes the stimulus check so needed.

So when will Californians start receiving their California Stimulus Checks?  The $600.00 checks have already begun being disbursed to qualifying Californians starting September 1st, 2021… reports that while the U.S. waits for round four stimulus checks Cali is giving their residents a bumper.

The US has sent out three rounds of stimulus checks since the covid-19 pandemic-induced economic crisis began in the spring of 2020. Eligible Americans received up to $3,200 from Uncle Sam and some are still seeing additional payments from the Economic Impact Payments.

Democrats in Congress have a little over a month to hammer out the details of their $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget plan which they plan to push through with a party-line vote. Even as the covid-19 virus is disrupting lives around the nation as the Delta variant is causing new case numbers to surge and filling up hospitals, it doesn’t appear that the proposal will contain another direct cash injection into American households through a fourth stimulus check. But some Americans will be receiving an additional stimulus payment in September.

California begins Golden State Stimulus payments:

The California Franchise Tax Board began sending the first payments on a tax refund enacted as part of the $100 billion Comeback Plan. The first Golden State Stimulus payments went out 27 August to some 600,000 residents. However, the state tax board has around 9 million payments to send out which it says “will be issued between September 1, 2021 and October 15, 2021.”

Eligible Californians, around two-thirds of them, have to file a 2020 tax return with the state in order to receive the tax rebate, just as with the federal stimulus checks. Taxpayers who still haven’t filed their taxes have until 15 October to do so, otherwise, they will miss out on the money and those who file after 20 August will have to give the state extra time to send out the payments. –