Black Twitter Reacts To White on White Violence in DC

Black Twitter Reacts To White on White Violence in DC

Black Twitter Reacts To White on White Violence in DC!

White Republicans stormed the congress after Trump told them to fight for their rights and democracy in a last attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s election win as President. This is the most underhanded disgusting and foul move provoked by a president.

It has political lawmakers demanding VP Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment. Meanwhile, Black Twitter it is weighing in after Trump has called black people thugs all year. Funny how the thugs have been white people all the time. Read on to see how Black Twitter Reacts Violence in DC… reports that white people have been brutally attacking black people, yes men in blue, you’ve been crossing the line because Trump demonstrated that racism is OK. Sorry, it’s not the 50s anymore.

And white supremacists have run with Trump’s lead since day one and today’s horrific event at congress has proved Trump was NEVER trying to Make America Great Again, he was trying to reestablish oppression and segregation among the people of the United States. Even social media put a muzzle on Trump’s Fraud Tweets.

Well, Black Twitter is laughing at the White on White crime since we can all see who the thugs truly are. And what is interesting is this – where was the tear gas, the sandbags, and the beating people with nightsticks. If it was a bunch of black people those cops would have had a field day beating people down.

But no it’s white people so they just stood there and asked them to leave. SMH.

Here is what Black Twitter is saying: