Trump Has Disgraced Democracy In The United States

Trump Has Disgraced Democracy In The United States

Trump Has Disgraced Democracy In The United States!

President Trump has proved time and time again that he has been unfit to be the President of the United States, but what happened today is the most disgusting act ever witnessed. Read on for more on how Trump Disgraced Democracy… reports, Donald Trump is a disgrace as a President telling his minion Republicans to lie after lie that the election was stolen from the Republican party. It was NOT!

Thankfully VP Mike Pence knows right from wrong since President Trump is unfit to remain in office. His call for acts of violence today crossed the line. He can deny all he wants, but he spoke to “fight fight fight” is what fueled the fire for this horrific riot at the capital in DC.

America VOTED and Americans who have a mind of their own are tired of the way Trump has run this country into the ground.

Trump has divided this country, stolen everything from Ronald Reagan’s handbook when he was President lying to Americans that we were one.

Reagan was the president who divided the middle class from the rich. Reaganomics taxed the middle class more and started profiling black Americans with his ‘war on drugs’. His wife Nancy was with law officers at many of the raids back in the 80s. [Racial Attitudes of Black Students during the Reagan Era]

Reagan ran propaganda ads on TV telling America were great in uncertain times. When in actuality he was tearing the fabric of our country apart.

Trump has been doing the same thing as Reagan it is just no one realized it. He has been following Reagan’s same outline and has used four of Reagan’s speeches from when he was president, but no one seems to pay attention.

Does the Republican party think Americans are that stupid?

What is worse it Trump, who used to be a Democrat until he didn’t like Obama, told his party, “to fight fight fight for their rights since the election was stolen from the Republicans.”

President 45 needs to be removed and VP Mike Pence needs to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Today Trump proved that he wanted this to happen. He wanted to sabotage the voting process. This man is a danger to our country. A liar about his achievements, and has not only disgraced this country, but he has disgraced his family as well.