Ted Cruz DUBBED “Biggest LIAR” In Government

Ted Cruz DUBBED "Biggest LIAR" In Government

Ted Cruz DUBBED “Biggest LIAR” In Government!

The junior United States Senator for Texas is proving once again that he is NOT TO BE TRUSTED! With Trump’s reign coming to an end, Republicans are doing whatever they can by LYING for Trump. Read on since Ted Cruz is said to be the “Biggest LIAR”…

CelebnPolitics247.com reports while Ted Cruz has one of Trump’s nuts in his mouth he continues to lie about Joe Biden landslide win over Trump.

Here is what is being said on social media abut Ted Cruz:

Trump and his Republican fellowship are trying to dispel the truth that Joe Biden officially won the election. Republicans and Senator Ted Cruz are looking like utter idiots claiming that Trump’s win was stolen.

The propaganda and lies are disgusting, and what is worse is Trump is adding more fuel to the fire.

The Guardian reports:

Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and nine other Republican US senators or senators-elect said on Saturday they will reject presidential electors from states where Donald Trump has contested his defeat by Joe Biden, “unless and until [an] emergency 10-day audit” of such results is completed.

The move is largely symbolic and unlikely to overturn the presidential election. Nonetheless, it adds to a sense of deepening crisis affecting US democracy.

Trump has refused to concede, though Biden won more than 7m more votes nationally and took the electoral college by 306-232, a margin Trump called a landslide when he won it over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Trump campaign has lost the vast majority of more than 50 lawsuits it has mounted in battleground states, alleging electoral fraud, and before the supreme court.

Bottom line, Republicans NEED to accept the loss and move on. And next time get a better candidate to represent the Republican party. Trump has taken from Regan’s presidency, from speeches and his policies to rid the middle class while lying to the public about coming together. Regan term as a president RUINED the country, taxed the middle class, and cut taxes for the rich. He also caused racial divide, and help to remove the middle class. Trump’s whole presidency was run the same way. Its disgusting that Trump thought Americans were too stupid to realize?