Constituents Vandalize Senator Mitch McConnell Home Over Stimulus

Constituents DEMAND Stimulus By Vandalizing Senator Mitch McConnell Home

Constituents Vandalize Senator Mitch McConnell Home Over Stimulus!

Like many of us, Senator Mitch McConnell s a piece of shit worker bee for Trump. And now he is on everyone’s shit list since he blocked the $2,000 stimulus bill. Some Americans took action with their own hands and old @ss Mitch better change his tune and up the money, because these people are NOT playing with him. Read on for more on Mitch McConnell Home Vandalize… reports that Senator Mitch McConnell just got a message from constituents who are pissed off at him for not passing the $2,000 stimulus bill.

The constituents delivered the message via spray paint at his Louisville, Kentucky home which was vandalized by a really poor speller who wrote the words “Weres my money” on the front door in red and white paint.

Despite the misspell, they got their point across, since there were other messages as well around the front porch.

As you probably know, although the House passed the $2k bill after Trump demanded it, McConnell has become the chief obstructionist in the Senate.
Cops say they don’t know who’s responsible for the vandalism.

The incident follows a similar case of vandalism at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Fran home, where the perps wrote “Cancel Rent!” and “We Want Everything” in big black letters on her door. There’s mention as well of the $2k stimulus bill. But, in a scene sorta out of “The Godfather,” there’s also an image of a pig’s head and fake blood near her garage.

What’s puzzling … Pelosi was a champion of the $2k bill, according toTMZ.

That is creepy to be honest, but McConnell and Pelosi don’t care the have tons of money. They are not struggling and are very comfortable. All that vandalism should make them realize they are targets, especially the pigs head and blood.

Hopefully Mitch gets the message clear and stops working for Trump on his last days – We all know he’s gone once Biden is sworn in.