Joe Biden LEADS Waiting For Results; Trump Angry + BEHIND

Joe Biden Calm Waiting For Results; Trump Whining Like A Baby

Joe Biden LEADS Waiting For Results; Trump Angry + BEHIND!

Meanwhile, for many of us, emotions are running wild as the fate of the United States is up in arms until ALL VOTES ARE COUNTED!

What the best therapy while Trump continues to make false claims, accusations, and lies?

We suggest emotional eating – maybe a vat of Rocky Road Ice cream, or Chocolate mint ice cream while the politicians and news outlets continue to theorize the outcome of the ballot count.

It’s like sitting with your uncle who just repeats all day long and you just keep saying, “yes, uncle I heard you!”

Anyways, while Trump is on his soapbox holding his rattle and pooping his diapers that he is losing, Biden is calm and stating that “it’s a process…we must wait until all votes are counted.” Read on since Joe Biden leads in polls, and Trump is angry… has more deets on Biden, who is being logical and calm – two things Trump never learned during his tyranny in government.

Don’t you wish it was like the movie Die Hard and someone went in to clean up the bad people in government like John McClain in Diehard?

Well, it’s not, we just have to wait until the mail-in-ballots are all counted. Take a look at the Election results here…

Where the election polls 2020 stand:

It’s looking very much like Biden is going to be our new President. Thank you, God.

So far Biden has won Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. We are just waiting for the results in Nevada, which are looking really good. That means with those states – they get him to 270 in the electoral college, the magic number.

There’s a good chance he’ll win Pennsylvania, and possibly even pick up Georgia.

Trump is mad so he is making false accusations, lies, and conspiracy theories about the election.

NOTE: I wouldn’t be writing this unless the lead in the polls showed Biden in the front and Trump way way way behind.

For now, we have to respect Joe Biden and his calm demeanor, and his trust in us. Sure, the news could be better. Sure, we still need to talk about how so many white people are completely willing to vote for fascism and white supremacy. But a win is a win.

Here is what is being said:

What do you think about Joe Biden Calm and Trump Whining?

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