Election: Biden Holds 2 States for Win; Trump Needs 5 States

Biden Strongholds 2 States For Win; Trump Needs 5 States To Win

Election 2020: Biden Holds 2 States For Win; Trump Needs 5 States To Win!

Don’t be fooled, by Trump’s lies, accusations, and conspiracy theories because ALL VOTES MUST BE COUNTED!

The Trump campaign is doing everything possible to try and STOP the counting, but the ballots that are being counted are the absentee ballots that came in early. Read more on the Biden Trump election debate…

CelebnPolitics247.com has the latest on the Biden Trump Election and why Trump will NOT get re-elected.

Trump knew from the start and even admitted ‘it will be a process’ during the first presidential debate.

But in typical Donald fashion, he has selective amnesia and is renigging on everything he said.

The President was the one who enforces counting could NOT begin until the day of the election on November 4th. He also knew that it would be a series of days before the results were in.

See, Trump thought he would win hands down. Think again, many Americans hate Trump and have declared him the WORST president in history.

While White Supremacists declare him their savior since he has shown them a path to be as racist and prejudice as they want.

The bottom line is this, if you don’t like other nationalities then don’t speak to them. But first, ask yourself why are you hating on others in the first place. We guarantee you have a poor reason for it. And don’t say my parents were racist so I am too. That is weak. Have your own mind – which leads us to the 2020 election polls.

Don’t let Trump lead you to believe his FAKE NEWS:

Trump continues to lie and tell everyone he was winning and now Democrats are adding ballots.

  • These ballots were waiting to be counted way before November 4th.
  • 2nd, Trump sees his Presidency is coming to a close and he’s PISSED.
  • Next, Trump needs 5 states – Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and either Nevada or Arizona.

The problem is this. Biden is WINNING in Nevada and Arizona, so there is NO POSSIBLE WAY Trump can take the lead for re-election.

Trump has 214, so if he gets Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, he will only have 268. He is NOT handling the fact he has LOST re-election in 2020.

Biden has a solid 264 with Arizona once you add Nevada, it’s 270 – which means he is our NEW PRESIDENT.

Facts are Facts. Deal with it, don’t let Trump’s smoke and mirrors game let you believe he has a chance.

Wake up mid-west and realize, the red wave is a bust because the blue undertow took over!

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