Trump Trending For Trump LIED 200K DIED

2nd Woman Testifies Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

Trump Trending For Trump LIED 200K DIED!

You can tell its getting closer and closer to the big day to VOTE for who will be president for the next four years. Social media is making sure that everyone knows that Trump LIED and 200K DIED – He NEVER kept any of his promises.

If you remember, Trump promised he’d get rid of Obamacare, but he can’t. He continued to tell the citizens of the U.S. that he will make healthcare better.

He did NOT! Read on… reports that social media is going hard at Trump for LYING about all of the things he promised to do if elected as president.

Now social media is pointing out how President Trump LIED!

Trump has Tweeted false and misleading information since day one. The most disturbing has been his stance on COVID-19. Trump knew that there was an outbreak in China.

NOTE: When there is an outbreak, everyone is quarantined to the area of infection. Trump knew NOT to allow flights into this country from the origin of the outbreak, but he did. He brought COVID to America. Those people spread the virus and infection hundreds of thousands in the U.S. – this was done as a means to lower the population and remove the middle class. There is a reason for COVID and now it’s starting to be revealed.

FACT CHECK: See how the proof Trump LIED and Continues to LIE:

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