Joe Biden Plays Luis Fonsi “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee

Joe Biden Plays Luis Fonsi "Despacito" ft. Daddy Yankee

Joe Biden Plays Luis Fonsi “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee!

Despite other outlets trying to twist the news after Joe Biden played Luis Fonsi “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee at his campaign event in Kissimmee, Fl – We think this is great.

Biden is being criticized for playing “Despacito” at his Hispanic Heritage Month event in the dirty south. See, Florida has a huge Latin population, but what people NEED to understand is that Luis Fonsi introduced Joe Biden at the event. This is why he played Fonsi’s song “Despacito.” Continue on to watch… reports that former Vice President Joe Biden took to the podium and played Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee.

It is one of the coolest things to see the Democratic Presidental candidate Joe Biden did.

Biden has been trending ever since he played “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee.

See, Biden took to the podium and said:

I just have one thing to say.

He looked down at his phone and said:

Hang on here.

Biden chuckled:

I’ll tell you what- if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected president by acclamation.

By doing this, Joe Biden proves that he supports the Latino community, unlike his rival President Trump who has condemned the Latino community since day one. Trump has bashed the Latino community calling them all drug dealers and criminals. He has been on-stop enforcing the border wall saying Mexico will pay for the wall by charging a toll at U.S./Mexico borders.

Watch Joe Biden and how Twitter is reacting:

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