Trump’s Confidant Roger Stone Trying To Rig Election

Trump's Confidant Roger Stone Trying To Rig Election

Trump’s Confidant Roger Stone Trying To Rig Election!

Stone wants Trump to ‘Declare Martial Law’ and all that oppose him winning a second term.

Can you say, Dictator?

Here we go again in 2020. In 2016, it was Trump questioning Hilary Clinton using private emails to discredit her. Now, Trump and Roger Stone are trying to declare martial law to keep him in office for four more years. Our country can’t survive another term with Trump.

Republicans are ruthless these days since Trump is falling in the polls to former Vice President and soon to be President Joe Biden. Read on to see how Roger Stone is trying to rig the 2020 election… reports that Long-time Donald Trump confidant, and convicted felon, Roger Stone said that the president should declare “martial law” to seize power if he loses what Stone characterized as an already corrupt election.

What a piece of BS, that is coming out of Roger Stone’s mouth since Trump was the man who underhandedly won the 2016 election against Hilary Clinton.

Stone believes that the election will only be legitimate if the “real winner” — Trump — takes office. He also claims that if Trump loses to Biden it would apparently be justification for Trump to use force to take over the nation.

Roger Stone, who worked as an adviser in the last Trump campaign, made the astonishing statements Thursday on the InfoWars program of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Yahoo reports:

Both men talked of an ongoing “coup” against Trump, and Stone inexplicably claimed that he predicted “almost three decades ago that this moment would come.”

Stone blamed a Trump loss on the baseless claim that early voting has already been “corrupted.”

Now, Stone called for federal authorities to seize ballots in Nevada, for FBI agents to physically block certain voters from casting their ballots, and for Trump to use his powers for widespread arrests to solidify his power, Media Matters first reported.

Under martial law and the Insurrection Act, Trump will have “the authority” to arrest Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, “the Clintons” and “anybody else who can be proven to be involved in illegal activity,” Stone said.

He also called for the immediate arrest of former defense secretary James Mattis for “sedition,” apparently because he feared Trump was unfit for office, according to Washington Post journalist’s to Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, “Rage.”

In addition, Stone warned, journalist also risk arrest. “If the Daily Beast is involved in provably seditious … acts” in a new Trump future, their “entire staff can be taken into custody and their office can be shut down.” “They want to play war, this is war,” he added.

Stone demanded that “the ballots in Nevada on election night should be seized by federal marshals” and not counted, claiming with absolutely no evidence that “they are completely corrupted.”

Roger Stone BLASTED by Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean!

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean blasted Stone for calling on Trump to “declare himself America’s dictator” — voicing what “many Republicans crave.”

Stone dodged 40 months in prison thanks to Trump, who commuted his sentence in July. Stone was convicted of seven federal felonies, including lying to Congress and witness tampering in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Jones called Stone “almost a political prisoner.”

Stone is the man who helped Trump cheat the first time he ran for president and now, just 4 months before the 2020 election Stone is at it again.

He NEEDS to be stopped.


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