Melania Trump “Marriage” To Donald Trump Called ‘Transactional’

Melania Trump’s "Marriage" To Donald Trump Called ‘Transactional’

Melania Trump “Marriage” To Donald Trump Called ‘Transactional’!

Many celebrity marriages come with price tags, contracts, and/or agreements like the First Lady Melania Trump and her marriage to Donald Trump. All his wives were in it for the money and now Melania Trump’s former advisor is spilling the tea… reports that we are hearing that Melania Trump’s former advisor says relationship with Donald Trump is ‘transactional’.

Is anyone shocked by Melania Trump and Donald Trump‘s “marriage” being ‘Transactional’? We aren’t, it’s so obvious that she wants nothing to do with him. Especially since she pulls her hand away every time he tries to hold it.

But this says a lot about Trump.

Anyways, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff met Melania Trump in 2003 while working at Vogue magazine.

According to reports:

Melania Trump‘s former adviser is now the author of a memoir about her relationship with the first lady. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff spoke with BBC about her book “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.”

In the book, the first lady’s former friend said Melania’s marriage with President Donald Trump is “transactional.” She says that the Trumps use each other to further their own careers.

“I do believe it is a transactional marriage. Donald got arm candy, the Vogue cover legitimized Melania which legitimized Donald as well, and Melania got two dynamic decades,” Winston Wolkoff said.

Perception is everything when it comes to Trump, states Winston Wolkoff.

Melania legitimized Donald Trump. Her marriage to Trump made her a U.S. citizen and from there she has had two great decades of wealth, fame and now the First Lady.


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Isn’t it funny Trump married a non-U.S. Citizen but condemns the Hispanic community who have moved to the U.S. and done the same thing. instead, he throws the Hispanic community in cages and separates them from their children for months if not longer.

A bit hypocritical if you ask us.

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