Trump Responds With Jab To Michelle Obama Speech

Trump Responds With Jab To Michelle Obama's Speech

Trump Responds With Jab To Michelle Obama Speech!

Did you really think President Trump would let this one pass him by? Oh no, Trump made sure to respond with a jab to Michelle Obama’s speech at last night’s 2020 Democratic National Convention. Read on to see the smear campaign Trump did because of Michelle Obama Speech


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A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on reports that President Trump is apparently watching at least parts of the Democratic National Convention.

On Tuesday Trump responded to the first keynote speaker, former first lady Michelle Obama, by launching more Twitter broadsides against former President Barack Obama.

In her virtual speech to the convention, Obama presented a sharp case against Trump, whom she said was in “clearly in over his head” amid the current challenges facing the Oval Office.

She also pointed out his half-witted and lackluster late efforts on te coronavirus pandemic that has now killed over 170 thousand Americans and infected millions more, according to the latest tracking data from Johns Hopkins University.

Trump’s social media response aka attack on Obama’s went a little like this:

Democrats have three more nights of convention speakers before Trump and the Republicans hold their own virtual convention next week.

We all know it’s going to be a below the belt smear campaign from the Republicans.

What did you think about how Trump responded to the Michelle Obama Speech?

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