2nd Government Stimulus Check; What’s Holding Them Up

What's Holding Up Second Stimulus Check

2nd Government Stimulus Check; What’s Holding Them Up?

Many people in the U.S. are still out of work and having a hard time trying to pay bills and survive. Meanwhile, President Trump is living his best life in the White House.

No one in government is suffering from COVID-19 like the rest of the country. So what is the hold up on the 2nd government stimulus check???

CelebnPolitics247.com reports that second stimulus checks are still on standby since the Senate could come to an agreement.

There were high hopes for a quick resolution to the next stimulus bill when the Senate returned to session from their summer break.

As we said, no one in the senate or White House is suffering like the middle class, but that is the plan, to rid the country of the middle class.

Trump and his administration want rich or poor, no more in between which kills a lot of business. Its time to clean the White House of the corruption and vote for Biden.

As for the second stimulus checks, leadership in both the Republican-led Senate and Democrat-led House were ready to strike a deal to bring much-needed relief to Americans.

Both sides openly supported another round of stimulus checks, extended unemployment benefits, small business relief, and other measures to support the economy.

What Happened to the 2nd round of Stimulus Checks to very generous?

Meanwhile, President Trump took matters into his own hands last weekend and signed three presidential memorandums and an executive order that would provide a $400 unemployment insurance benefit, a payroll tax holiday and student loan relief. Trump also asked the Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC to consider implementing another eviction moratorium.

So What is the Hold-Up? Here is what they don’t agree on for 2nd government stimulus check:

  • The overall cost of the proposal is one of the biggest sticking points.
  • Republicans and Democrats disagree on where the money should go and what should be included in the next bill.
  • Next, the amount of money each is willing to spend on the next stimulus bill.
  • The Democrat-led House proposed the $3 trillion HEROES Act in May, but this time around, the Republican-led Senate wants to keep the total cost of the bill to “around $1 trillion.”
  • The Senate rejected the $3 trillion HEROES Act, with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) calling it a “wish list.”
  • Democrats have insisted the next bill be proposed as a complete package and not be introduced “piecemeal”.
  • The Democrats have offered to decrease the total cost of their proposal by $1 trillion, meeting somewhere near the middle, but the Trump administration rejected this offer
  • Then, there are disagreements on Extended Unemployment Benefits & State & Local Funding.
  • The Democrats want to extend the weekly $600 unemployment benefit as it was included in the CARES Act.
  • Republicans want to reduce the amount of unemployment benefit, arguing that many unemployed workers were earning more from being unemployed than they were while working. (As seen above, Trump issued a $400 unemployment insurance benefit).
  • State and local funding is the other area in which the two parties strongly disagree. The HEROES Act included $1 trillion in state funding. The Democrats believe this is important to help states. The Republicans disagree and feel it is a bailout not needed.

Important Dates ahead + and hopeful date for a decision on a 2nd government stimulus check:

Dates you need to know:

  • September 8: Senate returns to session.
  • September 14: House of Representatives returns to session.
  • September 30: End of the Fiscal Year.

Will the Next Stimulus Bill Include Another Stimulus Check?

Most likely. Both parties have agreed to the general terms on another round of stimulus checks and the Trump administration is also on board. The next stimulus check amounts and eligibility rules would roughly follow the same terms as the stimulus checks under the CARES Act. However, there were some provisions that would allow for a greater number of people to qualify for a check.

When Could We See the Next Stimulus Check?

The government already has the infrastructure in place to send out the checks, so they should be able to move quickly once stimulus checks have been approved.


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