Stimulus Check 2 Update: What Americans Should Expect This Time

Stimulus Check 2 Update: What Americans Should Expect This Time

Stimulus Check 2 Update: What Americans Should Expect This Time!

Americans are thirsting for another stimulus check to help them with their bills, and mortgages, but what can we all expect this time around? It was said we would get either $4000. in August. Another said $2000. a month until the end of the year, and then there was the other, a second $1,200 check.

So what is it and what can Americans expect this time around? We previously heard that the stimulus check 2 would be very generous. Read on… reports the latest talk regarding the “stimulus check 2” which is supposed to be determined today July 20th, 2020.

Here is what we’ve learned via multiple reports:

  • The Senate’s agenda, now that it’s back to work this week: a new coronavirus relief package for individuals and families that could include a second stimulus check. To get going, President Donald Trump and other Washington leaders met at the White House on Monday to “start to fine-tune” the next stimulus bill, according to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.
  • The conversation will begin today and in the following weeks, spanning discussions on how much money a second stimulus check could bring, when another IRS payment could be sent and who will be eligible to receive it.
  • If the government passes stimulus check 2, it could be a part of the last act Congress passes to aide the country with the financial setbacks of the pandemic.
    The House passed the $3 trillion relief package called the Heroes Act on May 16 that, among support for front line workers, includes a stimulus check 2 of up to $1,200 per person (or $2,400 for married couples.)
  • Now the Senate is preparing to draft a new stimulus plan. Whether it includes those direct payments is yet to be determined.
  • NOTE: In a July 19 interview with Fox News, President Trump voiced his support for a new round of stimulus, but with certain conditions. Specifically, Trump pushed for a payroll tax cut and liability protections for businesses that open.
  • Trump said he “would consider not signing” a bill that did not include the payroll tax cut.

How Much Is The Stimulus Check 2?

  • It has yet to be determined. Although Trump said that this one would be more than the last back in June.
  • We have heard it could be a $4000. payment for each family member which would truly help many American families, but there has been no follow up on that.
  • If you qualified for the maximum $1,200 with the first stimulus check, you might not automatically get the full amount of a second payment — or any check at all.
  • However, other proposals have cast a wider net, including the suggestion that people should receive up to $2,000 a month through the end of the pandemic.

This is the one that we like. $2000. a month until the end of the pandemic which is not seeing an end for at least another six months sound perfect.

This is the one that would help American families the best, but we wonder what Trump does since he likes to see what benefits him.

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