George Wallace’s Daughter Says ‘America is Hurting’

George Wallace's Daughter Says 'America is Hurting'

George Wallace’s Daughter Says ‘America is Hurting’!

Peggy Wallace Kennedy, the daughter of one of the most notorious segregationists o the 20th century, former Alabama Governor George Wallace, says we haven’t come far enough on race relations.

Continue on for more about George Wallace’s Daughter Peggy Wallace Kennedy wanting to change her legacy… reports that George Wallace’s Daughter was at the Martin Luther King Jr. historical site in 1996 standing next to her then 8-year-old son, Burns, When he turned to her and asked why his grandfather did such horrible things, she knew things need to change.

George Wallace’s Daughter, Peggy Wallace Kennedy made a promise to her son:

I don’t know why Pawpaw did those things to other people, but I know he was wrong. So may be it will have to be up to you and me to help make things right.

These days Peggy wants to leave a different legacy, so she has been speaking out against racial inequity and injustice. She is going completely against what her father fought to preserve for most of his political life, according to KXLY.

This are the actions that new generations NEED to do. They NEED to change their family’s legacy and STOP keeping racism alive.
With the nation erupting in protest and pain over the death of George Floyd, Wallace Kennedy expressed disappointment at the lack of progress made on race relations.

Wallace Kennedy said in an interview with CNN:

It should not have happened to any of those African American men or women. It’s a tragedy. America is hurting. America is divided. We’re tired. We’re grieving.

She continued:

Every American has dreams and beliefs and they should, I’m sure George Floyd had dreams and for his daughter, Gianna. And I, I just, um, I just think that we should be further along on race relations, but we are not.

Being the daughter of a racist and a segregationist to civil rights advocate, she has a message for white Americans to stop seeing color and see people with their heart.

She goes on to state:

I think we — we’ve slipped these last few years. We need to believe in ourselves again, and we need to believe in our fellow man. Again, we need to learn to see people with our hearts rather than our minds, because that will teach us the lessons of unconditional love.

Changing Her Family Legacy:

Peggy Wallace Kennedy explains:

I crossed Edmund Pettus bridge with him. And he was so kind and gentle to me. He helped me find the courage and strength that I needed to find my own voice. And I knew that I wanted to leave my two sons a different legacy than the one that was left for me.

50-years after her father delivered that vitriolic speech she stood at the same spot with Bernice King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, as they held hands and hugged.

Wallace Kennedy later wrote in her book, “The Broken Road: George Wallace and a Daughter’s Journey to Reconciliation:

I could not help but wonder how the course of history might’ve changed if Martin Luther King and daddy had known that one day right down here in Alabama, that little black girl and that little white girl holding hands would be their own daughters.

Peggy Wallace Kennedy says she will never forget what Lewis said to her as they crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge.

She recalled:

We stopped at the place where he was beaten and he showed me that place. And then we went over to the rail and we looked down in the water, to the water. And then he said to me, ‘now sister, it’s time for us to move on.

I thought, this is what I will speak up and speak out about. And this is the way that I’ll try to make things better and I will do this. And this will be the first stone that I lay for a foundation for the legacy for my two sons. And that would be the, to walk across that bridge with John Lewis.

In closing, Wallace Kennedy says she hopes by accepting her past as she did in a book, as well as in speeches and forums across the South, she can encourage others to make the uncomfortable choice to speak out and embrace change.

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