Atlanta Cops Turn Themselves in For Rayshard Brooks Killing

Atlanta Cops Turn Themselves in For Rayshard Brooks Killing

Atlanta Cops Turn Themselves in For Rayshard Brooks Killing!

Two white Atlanta police officers have been charged for the killing of Rayshard Brooks’ is only the first step.  Though, the road is a long and uncertain journey of conviction, a family attorney said. Read on for more details about Atlanta Cops and the Rayshard Brooks killing… reports that former officer Garrett Rolfe faces felony murder and 10 other charges after he shot Brooks at a Wendy’s drive-thru last week.

Prosecutors allege that he declared. “I got him” after firing the shots and he did not provide medical attention for two minutes and 12 seconds.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said Wednesday:

That officer actually kicked Mr. Brooks while he laid on the ground, while he was there fighting for his life.

As for, the second officer, Devin Brosnan, he faces an aggravated assault charge for allegedly standing on the prostrate Brooks’ shoulders in the parking lot. He continues to deny, according to MSN.

Both cops turned himself in to the Fulton County Jail. And both officers were released Thursday afternoon, said the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

Brosnan was released on a signature bond about an hour after presenting himself at the jail.

What makes no sense is that he will not be required to wear a GPS anklet, according defense attorney Don Samuel.

Brooks killing was unacceptable. Police need to be de-funded and all cops who have killed in a racist act need to be removed from the force permanently.

Change is NEEDED NOW!

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