Did Biden Have Dr. Oz Removed Because He’s A Liability To Turkey

Did Biden Have Dr. Oz Removed Because He's A Liability To Turkey

Did Biden Have Dr. Oz Removed Because He’s A Liability To Turkey?

Politics these days have become such a blur to us, and basically we are NOT happy with President Biden in office, but he was the better of two evils running for the paid gig.

We definitely did NOT want Trump, who was making a mockery of how the government was run. During his run Trump screwed up a ton of things, and stopped all financial help programs in the USA, helped to bring racism back to the forefront and let White supremist believe they can attack brown and black people.

It was such a relief last year to see Trump removed and Biden in. The only problem is Biden has lied to the US claiming the Ukraine Russia war is why gas has gone up. Bullshit! We get out oil from the Arab Nations and the US. only 1% from Russia is used here, so don’t get it twisted…

CelebnPolitics247.com has this report via the New York Times that Dr. Mehmet Oz Turkish American heritage is the issue.

According to The New York Times:

Late last year, before he had formally entered the Pennsylvania Senate race, David McCormick flew to Florida for a private meeting with Donald J. Trump, angling to get in the former president’s good graces ahead of a Republican primary that would soon pit him against Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity surgeon and television personality.

Mr. McCormick, then the chief executive of the world’s largest hedge fund, had an edge in pitching Mr. Trump: His wife, Dina Powell McCormick, had been a senior national security official in the Trump White House, and she accompanied him to the meeting at Mar-a-Lago.

As Mr. McCormick and his wife, now a top Goldman Sachs executive, made their case, the topic soon turned to electability and Dr. Oz’s Turkish American heritage, which has since become a central point of contention in the campaign. At one point, Ms. Powell McCormick, an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian who is fluent in Arabic, pulled out a picture that showed Dr. Oz alongside others wearing Muslim head coverings, according to four people briefed in detail on the exchange, which has not previously been reported.

The people briefed on the conversation said Ms. Powell McCormick told Mr. Trump that the fact that Dr. Oz was Muslim would be a political liability in parts of Pennsylvania.

The McCormick campaign denied that account and insisted that the McCormicks have focused only on Dr. Oz’s ties to Turkey as a liability.

As of today, President Biden has demanded Oz resign from his position or it will be terminated by 6pm tonight. Oz has clapped back…