Lawmakers Press Biden for A Fourth Stimulus Check

Lawmakers Press Biden for A Fourth Stimulus Check

Lawmakers Press Biden for A Fourth Stimulus Check!

The country is still struggling and a fourth stimulus check would be extremely helpful for so many people. Continue on… reports while millions of Americans are still waiting for their third stimulus check – some lawmakers and advocates are pushing for a fourth direct payment.

What We’ve Learned:

More than 75 members of Congress say that until the pandemic is over, there should be regular stimulus checks.

Biden is being pushed to wrap them into the $2.3 trillion infrastructure spending plan he’s now promoting.

Having a fourth stimulus check will lift more than 7 million people out of poverty, according to an analysis from the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

Of course, those pulling for a fourth stimulus check are facing considerable resistance.

Millions of Americans are still in financial distress similar to the Great Depression.

About 4 in 10 Americans say their income remains below its pre-pandemic levels, according to a recent survey from the credit bureau TransUnion.

Back in January, 56 House Democrats led by Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar sent Biden a letter urging him to consider recurring stimulus payments.

The letter said:

We are experiencing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, with millions of Americans either unemployed, forced out of the workforce or facing a decline in hours and wages.

The senators wrote Biden in a separate letter:

Families shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough money to pay for essentials in the months ahead

A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study of how last year’s very first checks were spent.

Once those needs were met, some of the cash was used for saving and investing, the bureau found, or for other expenses that may have included buying affordable life insurance. Demand for those policies has surged during the pandemic.

Stimulus Check 4 face major obstacles:

Support for more stimulus checks is far from universal. Last month, the Democrats who control Congress struggled to push through Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID rescue package, which provided $1,400 stimulus checks and many other benefits.

The bill passed with simple majorities using a streamlined process that required no support from Republicans — who all voted no.

Even moderate members of the Democratic party weren’t in agreement about the need for the third round of payments.

They forget what its like to have to struggle from check to check, worry about losing your home, or having enough food on the table for the family.

Raymond James analyst Ed Mills tells CNBC.:

I think it’s unlikely at this time

Another reason not to hold out hope is that the Biden administration has turned its focus to other priorities, including the massive infrastructure bill. So far, the White House hasn’t commented on whether relief payments might be included.

We will see. America is said to be bouncing back. Though the CDC is fearful of a fourth wave pandemic. If you ask any nurse or doctor who works the front line they will tell you “its’ too soon to start traveling, going to Disneyland or music festivals.

Americans are getting vaccinated by the day, but we are NOT there yet.

Wait until 2022.