Trump Cyberbullied Megyn Kelly; Do Republican Forget

Trump Cyberbullied Megyn Kelly; Do Republican Forget

Trump Cyberbullied Megyn Kelly; Do Republican Forget!

If you haven’t seen the movie “Bombshell” we recommend that Americans, females who support Trump remember when he was a disrespectful foul-mouth male chauvinist pig against women.

Oh wait, he is still a foul-mouthed bully who refuses to concede after losing the election fair and square. Read on for a recap on how Trump cyberbullied Megyn Kelly and what he thinks of women…

Do Republican Forget Trump's Foul Remarks About Megyn Kelly wants to go back to 2016 for a minute when everyone thought Donald Trump running for president was a joke.

Then, he started to gain numbers because society felt like they needed to shake up the White House and Trump was the man to do it.

Well, after 4 long years of hell with Trump running the country we are all tired of the reality TV circus he has made the White House become.

From firing everyone in his path the undoing all the good that the Obama administration did for the country. See, the problem with politics in the US is Democrats start something good, get us out of the red, and the Republicans come in and undo everything and then put the country back in debt.

Everyone seems to also forget that Trump is a billionaire and has no concept of what it’s like to struggle, nor does he care. To him, people without money are pests. He may not come out and directly say it, but his action on Twitter shows plenty of disregard for anyone that doesn’t think like him.

That is who Americans voted for in 2016, and it’s sad because this man is so childish, he refused to concede. Instead, he is trying to make fraudulent claims of voter fraud, which has been dismissed along with conspiracy theories without evidence.

His minions are doing their best to try and put something together, but it’s actually making the Republican party look dirty. He is tarnishing Republicans for the future. Trump NEEDS to SDSTFU, concede, and move out of the White House.

The problem is New York is waiting for 2021 so they can slap lawsuit after lawsuit on him. One for tax evasion, and another sexual harassment case.

Which leads us to how he bullied and verbally attacked Megyn Kelly back in 2016 when she was just doing her job as a reporter.

Back in 2016, Trump called Kelly “crazy,” “average” and “sick.” He also said she was “highly overrated” and called for a boycott of her show

Trump has had an issue with Kelly since she moderated a Republican presidential debate in August. He accused her of being unfairly harsh on him.

On Saturday morning, Trump said “crazy” Kelly’s “ratings would totally tank” if she wasn’t constantly covering him. He also said her show was “terrible” and that she was “average in so many ways.” – according to CNN.

Check some of Trump’s Tweets from 2016:

Do you see why America made the wrong choice of voting for Trump in 2016. His time is OVER, Trump needs to realize he lost.

Trump hasn’t changed from how he treated Megyn Kelly or what he thinks of women.

These days, Megyn Kelly will NEVER return to mainstream media ever again.