Trump Tweets Show He Is A Sore Loser

Man-child Trump Refuses To Realize He LOST!

Trump Tweets Show He Is A Sore Loser!

President Trump may be saying goodbye to the White House way sooner than he anticipated and he is NOT like one second of it. Read on to see what he’s been tweeting since absentee ballots are putting Joe Biden in the win position for President.

All Ballots NEED TO BE COUNTED and Trump is trying to lie, cheat and sway his minions to believe there is some type of conspiracy when there is NOT.

The Ballots are from voters who didn’t want to leave their homes because there is a coronavirus pandemic. You know the disease that Trump believes he is now immune from. Read on to see the Tweets…

Trump Tweets Show He Is A Sore Loser has the latest Tweets from Trump and he just can’t stand it that Joe Biden is taking the lead and he is losing.

Trump is strategically putting these tweets out there so he can try and sway a judge to believe his utter BS.

This is just like Bush Jr. when he b-tched and moaned about Gore winning Florida, so they cheated and won the White House. Since then Americans haven’t believed in voting until this year. It took the people to realize that they screwed up with Trump and now they want him out of office.

Here are the Trump Tweets:

This is hilarious. Trump tries to claim they are finding ballots for Biden. Does he forget these are absentee Ballots that are being counted on the day of the election because he was the one who said no counting until Nov. 4th? what an idiot.

Trump asks:

The answer is that Americans want you out of office and we all voted for the other guy:

Trump Tweets Show He Is A Sore Loser

Trump Tweets Show He Is A Sore Loser Trump Tweets Show He Is A Sore Loser

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