Trump GA Rally Looked Like A Wave of COVID Cases

Trump GA Rally Looked Like A Wave of COVID Cases

Trump GA Rally Looked Like A Wave of COVID Cases!

Stupid is and stupid does!

During Friday’s Trump rally at Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Macon, GA, Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones showed how he does care about COVID, by crowd-surfing. Read on, because Vernon Jones is an idiot at Trump GA Rally reports that if this was last year, we’d say Awesome, go for it, but it’s NOT!

America is in the midst of a global pandemic called the Coronavirus, but when you see stupid stuff like this it explains why COVID continues to spread.

Jones, or anyone else in the crowd for that matter, didn’t seem too concerned about potential COVID-19 spread.

It was already reported that the Trump rally in Minnesota was the breeding ground for 20 COVID cases and now this?

Why are Republicans so fooled by Donald Trump?

Just think, hundreds of hands from multiple people were all over Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones body. You might have noticed that no one, in photos at least, was wearing a face covering.

We will keep you posted if Vernon Jones tests positive for COVID in the coming days.

If he does, we wonder if he will be honest enough to admit it, or will he stay quiet to continue to bamboozle the crowd?

Jones, a Democrat who’s endorsed Trump, gave a pep talk to the crowd before diving into it. The President, who won’t say when he tested negative for the virus, did not follow suit.

Do you think Vernon believes Trump is immune and that is why he decided to crowd surf?

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