Ice Cube Addresses Trump Administration Controversy

Ice Cube Addresses Trump Administration Controversy

Ice Cube Addresses Trump Administration Controversy!

Despite feeling betrayed by a leader we all trusted, rap veteran and hip hop icon Ice Cube recently clarified what exactly led to him working with President Trump’s administration. Read on for more details about Ice Cube Trump Controversy… reports that Ice Cube (born O’Shea Jackson) shared his take on President Trump’s plan for black Americans, called The Platinum Plan.

We get that Ice Cube may be caught up in the election promises that NEVER pan out once a person is elected, he feels that Trump will actually help.

If you have paid any attention to Trump track record you might notice he NEVER keeps his promises and always backtracks.

We are disappointed in Ice Cube for this, but he tried to justify his actions.

O’Shea Jackson Sr. said:

[Trump’s administration] plan is The Platinum Plan. My plan is The Contract With Black America. So they had their Platinum Plan and they saw things in The Contract With Black America that were directed, you know, directly to black Americans and not just to all minorities. and they asked to speak with us.

Ice Cube continued:

I always told everybody as soon as we finished The Contract With Black America, or not finished because it’s still a growing document, I told everybody that I was gonna meet with both sides and I don’t know why they didn’t believe me.

Ice Cube explained that his plan is not exclusively for Trump’s administration. he claims that it is for any person in a position of power.

So why NOT wait for Biden?

Cube said:

[Trump’s administration] looked at The Contract With Black America and they saw that their plan was lacking and they wanted to implement some of the things from The Contract With Black America into their plan I said you’re welcome to do it. And I would say the same thing to the Biden campaign, they’re welcome to do it.

He added:

The Biden campaign basically said ‘you know, we love 85 percent of your plan but we want to talk after the election.’ That’s fine I’m willing to talk after the election. I just think both sides of the aisle need to take this serious.

Ice Cube also said that he’s been in contact with people from Trump’s administration and not actually President Trump.

The backlash that Cube has been enduring has been hit with since Katrina Pierson, Trump’s Senior Advisor, broke the news of him sharing his plan with Trump’s Administration he doesn’t know who she is.

He states:

This chick who put out the tweet…I’ve never met her either. I don’t even know who she is.

Take a look at Cube Tweets:

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