Black + Hispanic Voters Matter In 2020 Election

Black + Hispanic Voters Matter In 2020 Election

Black + Hispanic Voters Matter In 2020 Election!

If you have been paying attention the 2020 Presidential Election Day is just under two months on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. And if you’ve been paying attention the polls are starting to shape up and show who doesn’t want Trump. Continue on why Black Hispanic Voters Matter… reports that Black Americans and Hispanic Americans want Trump out of office since he has been fueling racism, breaking families apart at the border since he began his four years in office.

The not so shocking news is that white America wants to keep Trump in office.

According to reports, Trump has fallen 10 points behind Joe Biden amid reports he misled Americans about COVID-19 and disparaged U.S. soldiers.

Here is what the polls are reading currently:

  • Black voters: 76% Biden 10% Trump
  • Hispanic voters: 51% Biden 29% Trump
  • White voters: 43% Biden 48% Trump
  • Overall voters: 49% Biden 39% Trump

Why Black people and Hispanic people Want Trump Out of Office!

Things to note is that the Trump administration has been supported by white supremacist since day one.  Racism has been at an all-time high with police brutality fueled by the leader of the country. His examples have fueled white people to openly attack, harass and discriminate blacks and Hispanics.

This all stems from his racism against Mexican people and our border calling them all thieves and drug dealers. He has caged children and ripped multiple families apart for the past four years.

President Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall being constructed along the U.S. border through a toll that will be imposed, along with possible action on remittance payments.

During a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Tuesday night, Trump said there will be toll booths set up along the border, which he added is the most heavily trafficked border in the world both in terms of people crossing and in terms of industry.

“We’re putting a small toll on and maybe we’re going to do something with remittance,” Trump said. “All the money that we spent on the wall will be coming back,” FoxBusiness reports.

Listen to Ice Cube who has been advocating for black people to vote because we NEED to vote this year.

In August Ice Cube even said that the black vote will decide who will win the Presidency for 2020:

CNN reported recently:

Biden is ahead among Black registered voters by 67 points on average and 71 points in the median of these polls. That’s a sizable advantage.

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